The best marketing and sales organizations are centered around the customer—and rely on analytics, agile processes, and a test-and-learn culture to create more personalized experiences. For many companies, this requires transformation.

Companies that win don’t just talk about customer experience. They prioritize it, spotlight it, and transform it. They make things easy: selling and marketing in a way that’s both convenient and relevant to customers.

Traditional approaches don’t foster this seamless simplicity—or the growth it sparks. What’s needed is a new paradigm: an integrated unification of marketing and sales. One that leverages a deep understanding of customers, cultivates experimentation, personalizes experiences, and both learns and moves fast.

We help companies develop the underlying human and technical capabilities—along with the right processes, roles, and culture—that enable a more agile, data-driven marketing and sales organization. The most successful companies don’t throw the switch on a solution. They build on a foundation for growth. A foundation we help create.

How We Deliver Impact in Marketing and Sales

CMO Agenda

The reality for CMOs in today’s world is one of constant change, uncertainty, and innovation. All of this brings opportunity. We help CMOs rethink their business in a meaningful way that drives sustainable growth.

Customer Insights

To create value propositions and experiences that resonate with customers, companies must understand them, and turn that insight into a competitive advantage. We help clients prioritize the data that matters most, so they can identify customer pain points, optimize pricing and promotion strategies, and more.

Digital Marketing

New digital channels have precipitated dramatic changes in consumer behaviors and expectations. Through a digital transformation of their marketing functions, we help businesses anticipate consumer needs and respond better.


Our unmatched personalization program creates a self-reinforcing cycle of truly 1:1 customer experiences and deepening brand engagement, delivering value for both customers and the business. By reshaping the way companies operate, we help enable unprecedented cross-organizational collaboration.

Marketing Function Excellence

Marketing organizations are expected to respond quickly to changing conditions, and the job of marketers has grown more complex. We help organizations invest in marketing functions with a mindset of rapid, continuous improvement to stay ahead of the competition.

Digital Sales

Balancing go-to-market innovations with traditional sales-force levers is key to getting digital sales right. We help clients improve the effectiveness of their sales strategy by adopting new trends in data-driven selling, digitization, and selling models.


Now more than ever, customers are living, playing, working, shopping, and buying online. We bring together marketing and sales strategy, design and architecture, data and personalization, and execution to deliver excellence—and value—in e-commerce.

Sales Channel Strategy

Customers are rapidly shifting how they learn about—and buy—products and offerings. We help transform companies’ GTM approach by integrating the tools and data and analytics that direct sales activity into their marketing and sales strategy.

Pricing and Revenue Management

Pricing is a potent lever for maximizing revenues. But pricing unleashes its full power only when companies take it to the next level. BCG experts help clients build a robust internal pricing organization—a core part of our work—because pricing needs to be a core part of yours.

Revenue Operations

Centralizing operations teams from marketing, sales, and customer success has emerged as a high-impact way to accelerate revenue growth and go-to-market (GTM) operations efficiency. We help our clients organize their GTM operations in a meaningful way.