Many companies have seen gains from e-commerce—but fewer have achieved the transformational results they seek. By combining digital expertise and strategy, we help businesses set and realize a bold vision for their online channels.

Winning with e-commerce—seeing truly transformational results—takes more than digital platforms and expertise. It requires a holistic strategy and a relentless focus on business value. It means thinking creatively about the customer journey. It demands the right roles and enablers as well as integrating channels and functions so they enhance—and build upon—each other. And crucially, it involves carefully choreographing all of these levers.

Our Approach to E-Commerce

By combining digital expertise and strategy, we help companies seize the full potential of e-commerce. There are a lot of things to get right: e-comm pricing and digital product strategies; digital organization and operating models; new ways of working; cutting edge technologies; and new insights about what works—and doesn’t work—for e-sales. We take an end-to-end approach—one designed to spark innovation, deliver value quickly, and enable companies to continue on the path long after we’ve left the scene.


1. Set The Direction

eCommerce & Digital Sales Strategy

Set the vision, build a business case for investment, and develop a roadmap for success.

Examples include:
- Digital business case and ambition
- Roadmap development


Design products and assortments in ways that align with—and leverage—online behaviors. Simplicity is key.

Examples include:
- Digital shelf and assortment optimization
- Digital product strategy


Emphasize transparency and customer-centricity when setting prices for products, bundles, and discounts.

Examples include:
- Digital pricing
- Discounts, promotions, and limited offers

2. Define The Customer Journey

Digital Marketing

Develop innovative strategies across marketing channels, whether paid (SEM, display and non-digital) or organic (SEO and social media)

Examples include:
- Demand-generation incubation
- Return on e-comm marketing investment

E-Retail and Marketplaces

Take a holistic approach to engage in online marketplaces, which are increasingly important venues for product discovery and purchases.

Examples include:
- Assortment optimization across e-retailers
- E-retail content optimization and syndication

Digital Experience

Build best-of-breed experiences by adopting a “customer first” approach. Design the journey around the customer, not the technology.

Examples include:
- Customer journeys
- Personalization

Ecosystems Partnership

Create strategies to spark growth through online influencers, social media, user-generated content, and loyalty and affiliate programs.

Examples include:
- Social strategy
- Loyalty programs

Omnichannel Capabilities

Link online and offline channels so customers can move seamlessly across them—and pick up where they left off.

Examples include:
- Social strategy
- Loyalty programs

3. Support The Experience

Technology and Architecture

Identify and integrate the optimal platforms and tools, understanding when it makes sense to customize or build from scratch.

Examples include:
- Platform selection
- Integration and architecture

Organization and Operating Model

Embrace agile—and the processes that make it work. Foster the skills that help realize the promise of advanced technologies.

Examples include:
- Digital operating model (center
of excellence or business unit)
- Digital talent assessment

Operations & Supply Chain

Implement systems that track inventory, manage returns, and give operational insight at “e-commerce speed.”

Examples include:
- Customer care and success integration
- Supply chain, sourcing, and drop shipping

Different companies are at different stages of their online sales and service journey. So we work closely with businesses to understand where they are today, where they want to be tomorrow, and how they can best reach their goals. This means launching e-commerce from scratch for companies not yet doing it. But it can also mean optimizing existing platforms to extract maximum value from them. Or improving digital marketing efficiency, or enhancing the e-sales experience. Whatever the need—and the ambition—we can flexibly provide the expertise, the insights, and the results: everything from focused strategy to comprehensive digital build solutions.